Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in North Carolina

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-40136 EBNC
Rest AreaI-40177 EBNC
Rest AreaI-4082 EBNC
Rest AreaI-85EBNC
Rest AreaI-7739 NBNC
Rest AreaI-7772 NBNC
Rest AreaI-85100 NBNC
Rest AreaI-85199 NBNC
Rest AreaI-8559 NBNC
Rest AreaI-95142 NBNC
Rest AreaI-9599 NBNC
Rest AreaI-7739 SBNC
Rest AreaI-7763 SBNC
Rest AreaI-85100 SBNC
Rest AreaI-85199 SBNC
Rest AreaI-8559 SBNC
Rest AreaI-95142 SBNC
Rest AreaI-9599 SBNC
Rest AreaI-40136 WBNC
Rest AreaI-40177 WBNC
Rest AreaI-85WBNC
Rest AreaI-40OFFNC
Rest AreaI-40OFFNC
Rest AreaI-9548 NBNC
Rest AreaI-955 NBNC
Rest AreaI-9548 SBNC
Rest AreaI-771 NBNC
Rest AreaI-2641 EBNC
Rest AreaI-4082 EBNC
Rest AreaI-2641 WBNC
Rest AreaI-4010 WBNC
Rest AreaI-4082 WBNC
Rest AreaI-26EBNC
Rest AreaI-26WB TurnoutNC
Rest AreaUS 7413 SBNC
Rest AreaI-4010 EBNC
Rest AreaI-2667.5 WBNC
Rest AreaUS 19NB/SBNC
Rest AreaUS 23NB/SBNC
Rest AreaI-771 NBNC
Rest AreaI-85231 SBNC
Rest AreaI-95181 SBNC
Rest AreaI-40180 EBAdvanceNC
Rest AreaI-40180 WBAdvanceNC
Rest AreaUS 19AndrewsNC
Rest AreaI-95141 SBBattleboroNC
Rest AreaI-40325 WBBensonNC
Rest AreaI-40325 EBBensonNC
Rest AreaI-85140 EBBurlingtonNC
Rest AreaI-85140 WBBurlingtonNC
Rest AreaI-40135 EBClaremontNC
Rest AreaI-40138 WBClaremontNC
Rest AreaI-4015 EBClydeNC
Rest AreaI-4015 WBClydeNC
Rest AreaI-8558 NBConcordNC
Rest AreaI-8560 SBConcordNC
Rest AreaI-952 NBFairmontNC
Rest AreaI-9549 NBFayettevilleNC
Rest AreaI-9549 SBFayettevilleNC
Rest AreaI-2640 WBFletcherNC
Rest AreaI-2640 EBFletcherNC
Rest AreaI-852 NBKings MountainNC
Rest AreaUS 64ManteoNC
Rest AreaI-4083 WBMarionNC
Rest AreaI-4081 EBMarionNC
Rest AreaUS 70Morehead CityNC
Rest AreaUS 70New BernNC
Rest AreaUS 421282 WBNorth WilkesboroNC
Rest AreaI-85202 NBOxfordNC
Rest AreaI-85202 SBOxfordNC
Rest AreaUS 52129 NBPinnacleNC
Rest AreaI-95141 NBRocky MtNC
Rest AreaI-9598 NBSelmaNC
Rest AreaI-85102 NBThomasvilleNC
Rest AreaI-85102 SBThomasvilleNC
Rest AreaI-40364 EWBWarsawNC
Rest AreaUS 23/74WaynesvilleNC
Rest AreaUS 17ChocowinityNC
Rest AreaI-9598 SBSelmaNC
Rest AreaI-7759 NSBOlinNC

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