Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in New York

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-8417 EBNY
Rest AreaI-287NJ NBNY
Rest AreaI-8149B NBNY
Rest AreaI-87/NYT'way 14 NBNY
Rest AreaI-87/NYT'way 43 NBNY
Rest AreaI-87/NYT'way 81 NBNY
Rest AreaI-87/NYT'way 99 NBNY
Rest AreaI-8143 SBNY
Rest AreaI-87/NYT'way 43 SBNY
Rest AreaI-87/NYT'way 83 SBNY
Rest AreaI-87/NYT'way 99 SBNY
Rest AreaI-8417 WBNY
Rest AreaI-845 WBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 18.5 WBNY
Rest AreaI-87NBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 447 EBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 153 EBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 172 EBNY
Rest AreaI-95NBNY
Rest AreaI-95NBNY
Rest AreaI-95NBNY
Rest AreaI-87/NYT'way SBNY
Rest AreaI-95SBNY
Rest AreaI-95SBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 168 WBNY
Rest AreaI-87NBNY
Rest AreaI-87SBNY
Rest AreaI-87SBNY
Rest AreaI-9046 WBNY
Rest AreaI-39038 EBNY
Rest AreaI-843 EBNY
Rest AreaI-86101 EBNY
Rest AreaI-86160 EBNY
Rest AreaNY 17313 EBNY
Rest AreaI-8874 EBNY
Rest AreaI-8839 EBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 397 EBNY
Rest AreaI-8114 NBNY
Rest AreaI-8131 SBNY
Rest AreaI-39038 WBNY
Rest AreaI-86147 WBNY
Rest AreaI-8672 WBNY
Rest Area17 US199 WBNY
Rest AreaUS 17295 WBNY
Rest AreaI-8840 WBNY
Rest AreaI-8879 WBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 447 EBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 210 EBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 244 EBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 280 EBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 310 EBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 337 EBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 366 EBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 447 WBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 210 WBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 227 WBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 266 WBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 292 WBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 324 WBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 350 WBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 376 WBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 412 WBNY
Rest AreaI-84EBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 442 EBNY
Rest AreaI-84WBNY
Rest AreaI-90/NYT'way 442 WBNY
Rest AreaI-8622 EBNY
Rest AreaI-811 NBNY
Rest AreaI-87NBNY
Rest AreaI-87/NYT'way 111 NBNY
Rest AreaI-87/NYT'way 162 NBNY
Rest AreaI-87SBNY
Rest AreaI-87/NYT'way 34 SBNY
Rest AreaI-8733 NBNY
Rest AreaI-87T'way 162 SBNY
Rest AreaI-8622 WBAlleganyNY
Rest AreaI-90AmsterdamNY
Rest AreaI-90AmsterdamNY
Rest AreaI-90AngolaNY
Rest AreaI-90AngolaNY
Rest AreaI-8636 WBBathNY
Rest AreaI-6845 SBBedford HillsNY
Rest AreaI-6848 NBBrewsterNY
Rest AreaI-8641 EBCampbellNY
Rest AreaI-90CanastotaNY
Rest AreaI-8132 SBCentral SquareNY
Rest AreaI-90ChurchvilleNY
Rest AreaI-879W NBClifton ParkNY
Rest AreaI-90Clifton SpringsNY
Rest AreaI-8819 WBEast WorcesterNY
Rest AreaI-90FrankfortNY
Rest AreaI-8629 EBFriendshipNY
Rest AreaNY 1790 WBHancockNY
Rest AreaI-87HannacroixNY
Rest AreaI-87Hastings-on-HudsonNY
Rest AreaI-81HomerNY
Rest AreaI-87Lake KatrineNY
Rest AreaI-90LancasterNY
Rest AreaI-90Little FallsNY
Rest AreaI-90Little FallsNY
Rest AreaUS 1794 EBLivingston ManorNY
Rest AreaI-819 SBMarathonNY
Rest AreaI-844W WBMiddletownNY
Rest AreaI-SR22MillertonNY
Rest AreaI-3907 WBMt MorrisNY
Rest AreaI-3907 EBMt MorrisNY
Rest AreaI-843W EBNew HamptonNY
Rest AreaI-87New RussiaNY
Rest AreaI-86NicholsNY
Rest AreaI-86NicholsNY
Rest AreaI-8730 NBNorth HudsonNY
Rest AreaI-8730 SBNorth HudsonNY
Rest AreaI-8811 WBOtegoNY
Rest AreaNY 12OxfordNY
Rest AreaI-8736 NBPeruNY
Rest AreaI-8736 SBPeruNY
Rest AreaI-90PhelpsNY
Rest AreaI-90Port ByronNY
Rest AreaI-8718 NBQueensburyNY
Rest AreaI-8718 SBQueensburyNY
Rest AreaI-90RomeNY
Rest AreaI-87SaugertiesNY
Rest AreaI-9024 EBSchenectadyNY
Rest AreaI-8726 NBSchroon LakeNY
Rest AreaI-8726 SBSchroon LakeNY
Rest AreaNY 12SherburneNY
Rest AreaI-8715A SBSloatsburgNY
Rest AreaI-8416 WBStormvilleNY
Rest AreaI-8416 EBStormvilleNY
Rest AreaI-8715 NBSuffernNY
Rest AreaI-9034 EBSyracuseNY
Rest AreaI-8811 EBUnadillaNY
Rest AreaI-90VictorNY
Rest AreaI-87WallkillNY
Rest AreaI-877A SBWallkillNY
Rest AreaI-90WarnersNY
Rest AreaI-8144 SBWatertownNY
Rest AreaI-8147 NBWatertownNY
Rest AreaI-87West ChazyNY
Rest AreaI-90West HenriettaNY
Rest AreaI-87WestportNY
Rest AreaI-87WestportNY
Rest AreaI-8818 EBWorcesterNY
Rest AreaI-90FultonvilleNY

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