Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Illinois

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-7432 WBAlphaIL
Rest AreaI-7432 EBAlphaIL
Rest AreaI-7082 EBAltamontIL
Rest AreaI-7082 WBAltamontIL
Rest AreaI-72150 EBArgentaIL
Rest AreaI-72150 WBArgentaIL
Rest AreaI-9021 EBBelvidereIL
Rest AreaI-9021 WBBelvidereIL
Rest AreaI-5771 NBBentonIL
Rest AreaI-57272 NBBuckleyIL
Rest AreaI-57272 SBBuckleyIL
Rest AreaI-74112 WBCongervilleIL
Rest AreaI-74112 EBCongervilleIL
Rest AreaI-88DeKalbIL
Rest AreaI-90Des PlainesIL
Rest AreaI-90Des PlainesIL
Rest AreaI-5530 NBEdwardsvilleIL
Rest AreaI-5530 SBEdwardsvilleIL
Rest AreaI-57163 NBEffinghamIL
Rest AreaI-57163 SBEffinghamIL
Rest AreaI-74152 EBFarmer CityIL
Rest AreaI-64130 WBGrayvilleIL
Rest AreaI-7024 EBHighlandIL
Rest AreaI-7024 WBHighlandIL
Rest AreaI-294La GrangeIL
Rest AreaI-74159 WBLe RoyIL
Rest AreaI-70147 WBMarshallIL
Rest AreaI-6423 WBMascoutahIL
Rest AreaI-55145 NBMcLeanIL
Rest AreaI-55145 SBMcLeanIL
Rest AreaI-94MettawaIL
Rest AreaI-94MettawaIL
Rest AreaI-80122 WBMinookaIL
Rest AreaI-80112 EBMorrisIL
Rest AreaI-6480 EBMount VernonIL
Rest AreaI-74206 WBOakwoodIL
Rest AreaI-6489 WBOpdykeIL
Rest AreaI-3987 NBPaw PawIL
Rest AreaI-3987 SBPaw PawIL
Rest AreaI-55197 NBPontiacIL
Rest AreaI-55197 SBPontiacIL
Rest AreaI-57116 NBSalemIL
Rest AreaI-57116 SBSalemIL
Rest AreaI-29420 WBSchiller ParkIL
Rest AreaI-29420 EBSchiller ParkIL
Rest AreaI-55105 SBShermanIL
Rest AreaI-294/80161 EBSouth HollandIL
Rest AreaI-55105 NBSpringfieldIL
Rest AreaI-294/80161 WBThorntonIL
Rest AreaI-57220 NBTolonoIL
Rest AreaI-57220 SBTolonoIL
Rest AreaI-5563 NBWaggonerIL
Rest AreaI-5563 SBWaggonerIL
Rest AreaI-294Western SpringsIL
Rest AreaI-5777 SBWhittingtonIL
Rest AreaI-7471 WBWilliamsfieldIL
Rest AreaI-7471 EBWilliamsfieldIL
Rest AreaI-8056 WBWyanetIL
Rest AreaI-8056 EBWyanetIL
Rest AreaI-905 EBIL
Rest AreaI-905 WBIL
Rest AreaI-80159 EBIL
Rest AreaI-80159 WBIL
Rest AreaI-57332 NBIL
Rest AreaI-57332 SBIL
Rest AreaI-647 EBIL
Rest AreaI-64EBIL
Rest AreaI-70EBIL
Rest AreaI-64WBIL
Rest AreaI-64WBIL
Rest AreaI-70WBIL
Rest AreaI-70WBIL
Rest AreaI-64EBIL
Rest AreaI-24follow signs NBIL
Rest AreaI-5732 NBIL
Rest AreaI-24follow signs SBIL
Rest AreaI-5732 SBIL

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