Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Indiana

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-69326 NBAuburnIN
Rest AreaI-74156 EBBatesvilleIN
Rest AreaI-80/9092 EBElkhartIN
Rest AreaI-80/9092 WBElkhartIN
Rest AreaI-6457 EBFerdinandIN
Rest AreaI-6457 WBFerdinandIN
Rest AreaI-70104 EBGreenfieldIN
Rest AreaI-70104 WBGreenfieldIN
Rest AreaI-6519 NBHenryvilleIN
Rest AreaI-6519 SBHenryvilleIN
Rest AreaI-90/80121 WBHoweIN
Rest AreaI-90/80121 EBHoweIN
Rest AreaI-65230 NBKankakeeIN
Rest AreaI-65230 SBKankakeeIN
Rest AreaI-65146 NBLebanonIN
Rest AreaI-65146 SBLebanonIN
Rest AreaI-7458 WBLiztonIN
Rest AreaI-7458 EBLiztonIN
Rest AreaI-69148 SBPigeon CreekIN
Rest AreaI-6956 NBPipe CreekIN
Rest AreaI-6956 SBPipe CreekIN
Rest AreaI-7066 EBPlainfieldIN
Rest AreaI-7066 WBPlainfieldIN
Rest AreaI-9021 EBPortageIN
Rest AreaI-90/8021 WBPortageIN
Rest AreaI-90/8049 EBRolling PrairieIN
Rest AreaI-90/8049 WBRolling PrairieIN
Rest AreaI-6568 NBTaylorsvilleIN
Rest AreaI-6576 SBTaylorsvilleIN
Rest AreaI-65193 NBWolcottIN
Rest AreaI-65193 SBWolcottIN
Rest AreaI-7423 EBIN
Rest AreaI-6989 NBIN
Rest AreaI-6993 SBIN
Rest AreaI-7423 WBIN
Rest AreaI-80/9022 EBIN
Rest AreaI-80/9022 WBIN
Rest AreaI-647 EBIN
Rest AreaI-74EBIN
Rest AreaI-70144 EBIN
Rest AreaI-74152 WBIN
Rest AreaI-6480 EBIN
Rest AreaI-6497 TurnoutIN
Rest AreaI-6481 WBIN
Rest AreaI-70EBIN
Rest AreaI-64115 WBIN
Rest AreaI-80/90126 EBIN
Rest AreaI-80/9056 EBIN
Rest AreaI-80/90126 WBIN
Rest AreaI-80/9056 WBIN
Rest AreaI-9443 WBIN
Rest AreaI-80/90146 EBIN
Rest AreaI-80/90146 WBIN

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