Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Michigan

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-75202 SBAlgerMI
Rest AreaI-75212 NBAlgerMI
Rest AreaI-127119 NBAlmaMI
Rest AreaUS 2349 SBAnn ArborMI
Rest AreaI-9495 EBBattle CreekMI
Rest AreaI-75/23160 SBBay CityMI
Rest AreaI-94190 WBBellevilleMI
Rest AreaUS 131139 SBBig RapidsMI
Rest AreaI-131176 NBCadillacMI
Rest AreaI-27522 NBCantonMI
Rest AreaI-69176 WBCapacMI
Rest AreaI-2755 SBCarletonMI
Rest AreaI-94248 WBCascoMI
Rest AreaI-94257 EBCascoMI
Rest AreaI-75313 NBCheboyganMI
Rest AreaI-75326 SBCheboyganMI
Rest AreaI-94159 EBChelseaMI
Rest AreaI-75126 NBClioMI
Rest AreaI-75131 SBClioMI
Rest AreaI-693 NBColdwaterMI
Rest AreaI-7586 SBDavisburgMI
Rest AreaI-7593 NBDavisburgMI
Rest AreaI-96EagleMI
Rest AreaUS 2380 NBFentonMI
Rest AreaFife LakeMI
Rest AreaI-9485 WBGalesburgMI
Rest AreaUS 2GardenMI
Rest AreaI-75279 NBGaylordMI
Rest AreaI-75290 SBGaylordMI
Rest AreaI-94150 WBGrass LakeMI
Rest AreaI-75251 NBGraylingMI
Rest AreaI-75264 SBGraylingMI
Rest AreaUS 31149 SBHartMI
Rest AreaI-19647A SBHollandMI
Rest AreaI-127Houghton LakeMI
Rest AreaI-131125 NBHoward CityMI
Rest AreaI-96133 EBHowellMI
Rest AreaI-95136 EBJacksonMI
Rest AreaI-12751 SBJacksonMI
Rest AreaI-13144 SBKalamazooMI
Rest AreaI-75/23173 NBLinwoodMI
Rest AreaUS 31158 NBLudingtonMI
Rest AreaI-94112 WBMarshallMI
Rest AreaI-6942 SBMarshallMI
Rest AreaI-12770 NBMasonMI
Rest AreaI-69159 NBMetamoraMI
Rest AreaUS 31MontagueMI
Rest AreaUS 31MuskegonMI
Rest AreaUS 2NaubinwayMI
Rest AreaI-965 WBNunicaMI
Rest AreaI-96110 WBOkemosMI
Rest AreaI-6998 SBPerryMI
Rest AreaI-9677 WBPortlandMI
Rest AreaI-6966 NBPottervilleMI
Rest AreaI-13197 SBRockfordMI
Rest AreaI-75239 SBRoscommonMI
Rest AreaI-9664 EBSaranacMI
Rest AreaI-75392 NBSault Sainte MarieMI
Rest AreaMI 28SeneyMI
Rest AreaI-196South HavenMI
Rest AreaI-75345 SBSt IgnaceMI
Rest AreaI-12791 SBSt JohnsMI
Rest AreaI-69128 NBSwartz CreekMI
Rest AreaI-131168 SBTustinMI
Rest AreaI-9625 EBWalkerMI
Rest AreaI-9439 WBWatervlietMI
Rest AreaI-19655 EBZeelandMI
Rest AreaUS 2St IgnaceMI
Rest AreaUS 31WilliamsburgMI
Rest AreaUS 31CharlevoixMI
Rest AreaUS 2WatersmeetMI
Rest AreaUS 2Iron RiverMI
Rest AreaUS 2BessemerMI
Rest AreaI-41BaragaMI
Rest AreaI-19625 EBMI
Rest AreaI-9436 EBMI
Rest AreaUS-131NBMI
Rest AreaUS 127NBMI
Rest AreaUS-131NBMI
Rest AreaUS 10NBMI
Rest AreaUS-127SBMI
Rest AreaUS-131SBMI
Rest AreaUS-131SBMI
Rest AreaUS-131SBMI
Rest AreaUS-131SBMI
Rest AreaUS 127SBMI
Rest AreaI-94/69274 EBMI
Rest AreaI-940 EBMI
Rest AreaUS 10NBMI
Rest AreaUS 10SBMI
Rest AreaI-75343 NBMI
Rest AreaI-75338 NB/SBMI
Rest AreaI-75394 SBMI
Rest AreaI-94/69274 WBMI
Rest AreaI-94135 EBMI
Rest AreaI-9687 EBMI
Rest AreaUS-127NBMI
Rest AreaUS 127SBMI
Rest AreaI-96141 WBMI
Rest AreaI-6928 NBMI
Rest AreaUS-23NBMI
Rest AreaUS-2EB/WBMI
Rest AreaUS-41NBMI
Rest AreaUS-41CenterMI

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