Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Arizona

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-10322 EBBensonAZ
Rest AreaI-10318 WBBensonAZ
Rest AreaI-17252 NSBBlack Canyon CityAZ
Rest AreaUS 70BylasAZ
Rest AreaUS 60SuperiorAZ
Rest AreaI-40185 EBCoconinoAZ
Rest AreaI-40185 WBCoconinoAZ
Rest AreaI-887 EBDatelandAZ
Rest AreaI-887 WBDatelandAZ
Rest AreaI-105 EBEhrenbergAZ
Rest AreaI-105 WBEhrenbergAZ
Rest AreaI-10185 WBGila RiverAZ
Rest AreaI-10185 EBGila RiverAZ
Rest AreaI-1956 NBGreen ValleyAZ
Rest AreaI-1956 SBGreen ValleyAZ
Rest AreaI-4020 EBKingmanAZ
Rest AreaI-4025 WBKingmanAZ
Rest AreaAZ 88Lake RooseveltAZ
Rest AreaUS 89AMarble CanyonAZ
Rest AreaUS 60MorristownAZ
Rest AreaAZ 82NogalesAZ
Rest AreaAZ 188PaysonAZ
Rest AreaI-17298 NBRimrockAZ
Rest AreaI-17298 SBRimrockAZ
Rest AreaUS 70SaffordAZ
Rest AreaI-1053 WBSalomeAZ
Rest AreaI-1053 EBSalomeAZ
Rest AreaI-10390 EBSan SimonAZ
Rest AreaI-10390 WBSan SimonAZ
Rest AreaUS 191SpringervilleAZ
Rest AreaUS 160TonaleaAZ
Rest AreaI-1081 WBTonopahAZ
Rest AreaI-1081 EBTonopahAZ
Rest AreaI-40233 WBWinslowAZ
Rest AreaI-40233 EBWinslowAZ
Rest AreaI-10EBAZ
Rest AreaI-855 EBAZ
Rest AreaI-855 WBAZ
Rest AreaI-8EBAZ
Rest AreaI-17312 SBAZ
Rest AreaI-40WBAZ
Rest AreaI-8WBAZ
Rest AreaI-8EBAZ
Rest AreaI-8WBAZ
Rest AreaI-40359 EBAZ
Rest AreaI-40359 WBAZ

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