Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Ohio

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-703 EBOH
Rest AreaI-77141 SBOH
Rest AreaI-80/90100 EBOH
Rest AreaI-80/90139 EBOH
Rest AreaI-80/9049 EBOH
Rest AreaI-80/90100 WBOH
Rest AreaI-80/90139 WBOH
Rest AreaI-80/9049 WBOH
Rest AreaI-75114 NBOH
Rest AreaI-75114 SBOH
Rest AreaI-7134 NBOH
Rest AreaI-7527 NBOH
Rest AreaI-7134 SBOH
Rest AreaI-7527 SBOH
Rest AreaI-80237 WBOH
Rest AreaI-70211 WBOH
Rest AreaI-7785 NBOH
Rest AreaI-7785 SBOH
Rest AreaI-77143 NBAkronOH
Rest AreaI-7710 SBAkronOH
Rest AreaI-2719 NBAkronOH
Rest AreaUS 33BellefontaineOH
Rest AreaI-70208 EBBelmontOH
Rest AreaUS 35BidwellOH
Rest AreaUS 35BidwellOH
Rest AreaI-75179 NBBowling GreenOH
Rest AreaI-75179 SBBowling GreenOH
Rest AreaI-80173 WBBroadview HeightsOH
Rest AreaI-80173 EBBroadview HeightsOH
Rest AreaI-71222 SBBrunswickOH
Rest AreaI-71222 NBBrunswickOH
Rest AreaUS 23CareyOH
Rest AreaUS 127CecilOH
Rest AreaUS 30ConvoyOH
Rest AreaUS 30ConvoyOH
Rest AreaUS 50CoolvilleOH
Rest AreaI-75156 NBFindlayOH
Rest AreaI-75156 SBFindlayOH
Rest AreaI-71131 NBGalenaOH
Rest AreaI-71131 SBGalenaOH
Rest AreaI-80/9081 WBGenoaOH
Rest AreaI-80/9081 EBGenoaOH
Rest AreaI-70129 WBHebronOH
Rest AreaI-70129 EBHebronOH
Rest AreaOH 93IrontonOH
Rest AreaI-7169 NBJeffersonvilleOH
Rest AreaI-7165 SBJeffersonvilleOH
Rest AreaUS 30LimaOH
Rest AreaUS 30LimaOH
Rest AreaLucasvilleOH
Rest AreaUS 30MansfieldOH
Rest AreaUS 30MansfieldOH
Rest AreaI-80MantuaOH
Rest AreaI-80MantuaOH
Rest AreaI-776 NBMariettaOH
Rest AreaUS 23MarionOH
Rest AreaUS 23MarionOH
Rest AreaUS 33MarysvilleOH
Rest AreaUS 33MarysvilleOH
Rest AreaI-90195 EBMentorOH
Rest AreaI-90200 WBMentorOH
Rest AreaUS 30NevadaOH
Rest AreaUS 30NevadaOH
Rest AreaUS 250New LondonOH
Rest AreaI-701 WBNew ParisOH
Rest AreaI-76232 WBNew SpringfieldOH
Rest AreaI-76232 EBNorth LimaOH
Rest AreaOH 32PiketonOH
Rest AreaI-7582 NBPiquaOH
Rest AreaI-7582 SBPiquaOH
Rest AreaI-7737 SBPleasant CityOH
Rest AreaUS 35RayOH
Rest AreaI-27110 SBRichfieldOH
Rest AreaUS 33RockbridgeOH
Rest AreaUS 33RockbridgeOH
Rest AreaI-7648 EBRootstownOH
Rest AreaI-7648 WBRootstownOH
Rest AreaI-70186 EBSalesvilleOH
Rest AreaOH 32SardiniaOH
Rest AreaI-7737 NBSenecavilleOH
Rest AreaI-7072 EBSouth ViennaOH
Rest AreaI-7072 WBSouth ViennaOH
Rest AreaUS 33St MarysOH
Rest AreaUS 33St MarysOH
Rest AreaUS 23Upper SanduskyOH
Rest AreaOH 2VermilionOH
Rest AreaOH 2VermilionOH
Rest AreaI-71198 NBWest SalemOH
Rest AreaI-71198 SBWest SalemOH
Rest AreaI-90/80131 EWBWest UnityOH
Rest AreaOH 1173 NSBWilliamsfieldOH
Rest AreaI-70164 WBZanesvilleOH
Rest AreaGallipolisOH
Rest AreaAshevilleOH
Rest AreaOH 2Port ClintonOH
Rest AreaUS 50AlbanyOH

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