Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Pennsylvania

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-70155 WBPA
Rest AreaI-90Welcome Center EB 2PA
Rest AreaI-84EBPA
Rest AreaI-84WBPA
Rest AreaI-9550 SBPA
Rest AreaI-47686 NBPA
Rest AreaI-276352 EBPA
Rest AreaI-76219 EBPA
Rest AreaI-47686 SBPA
Rest AreaI-276352 WBPA
Rest AreaI-807 EBPA
Rest AreaI-832 NBPA
Rest AreaI-950.5 NBPA
Rest AreaI-79163 SBPA
Rest AreaI-9046 WBPA
Rest AreaI-796 NBPA
Rest AreaI-76EBPA
Rest AreaI-7675 WBPA
Rest AreaI-70155 WBPA
Rest AreaI-705 EBPA
Rest AreaI-70171 WBPA
Rest AreaI-47656AllentownPA
Rest AreaI-70/76146 WBBedfordPA
Rest AreaI-70/76146 EBBedfordPA
Rest AreaI-80242 EBBloomsburgPA
Rest AreaI-76286 EBBrecknockPA
Rest AreaI-7954 NBBridgevillePA
Rest AreaI-7954 SBBridgevillePA
Rest AreaI-8086 EBBrookvillePA
Rest AreaI-8086 WBBrookvillePA
Rest AreaI-8137 NBCarlislePA
Rest AreaI-8137 SBCarlislePA
Rest AreaI-70156 EBCrystal SpringPA
Rest AreaI-80215 WBDanvillePA
Rest AreaI-80215 EBDanvillePA
Rest AreaI-7875 WBEastonPA
Rest AreaI-79166 NBEdinboroPA
Rest AreaUS 30GettysburgPA
Rest AreaI-76298 WBGlenmoorePA
Rest AreaI-8180 NBGrantvillePA
Rest AreaI-8180 SBGrantvillePA
Rest AreaI-8426 EBGreentownPA
Rest AreaI-8426 WBGreentownPA
Rest AreaI-79141 NBHadleyPA
Rest AreaI-79141 SBHadleyPA
Rest AreaI-8029 EBHarrisvillePA
Rest AreaI-76266 WBHersheyPA
Rest AreaI-7075 WBHunkerPA
Rest AreaI-81202 NBJermynPA
Rest AreaI-8029 WBKennerdellPA
Rest AreaI-80192 EBLogantonPA
Rest AreaI-80192 WBLogantonPA
Rest AreaI-76247 EBMiddletownPA
Rest AreaI-29551 SBMorrisvillePA
Rest AreaI-81155 NBMountain TopPA
Rest AreaI-81155 SBMountain TopPA
Rest AreaI-80242 WBNescopeckPA
Rest AreaI-76201 WBNewburgPA
Rest AreaI-7657 EBOakmontPA
Rest AreaI-80147 EBSnow ShoePA
Rest AreaI-80147 WBSnow ShoePA
Rest AreaI-70/76110 WBSomersetPA
Rest AreaI-70/76110 EBSomersetPA
Rest AreaI-80293 EBTannersvillePA
Rest AreaI-79105 NBVolantPA
Rest AreaI-79113 SBVolantPA
Rest AreaI-76180 EWBWaterfallPA
Rest AreaI-76326 EBWaynePA
Rest AreaI-804 EBWest MiddlesexPA
Rest AreaI-80273 EBWhite HavenPA

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