Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in Texas

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-35364 NBAbbottTX
Rest AreaI-35362 SBAbbottTX
Rest AreaI-20297 WBAbileneTX
Rest AreaI-20294 EBAbileneTX
Rest AreaUS 385AndrewsTX
Rest AreaUS 59AtlantaTX
Rest AreaI-20537 EBBen WheelerTX
Rest AreaTX 87Bolivar PeninsulaTX
Rest AreaI-45CentervilleTX
Rest AreaI-40132 EBClarendonTX
Rest AreaI-20190 EBCoahomaTX
Rest AreaUS 90ComstockTX
Rest AreaI-3556 NBCotullaTX
Rest AreaI-3556 SBCotullaTX
Rest AreaUS 82CrosbytonTX
Rest AreaUS 90D HanisTX
Rest AreaUS 81/287DecaturTX
Rest AreaUS 87EdenTX
Rest AreaUS 281FalfurriasTX
Rest AreaI-10235 WBFort StocktonTX
Rest AreaI-10235 EBFort StocktonTX
Rest AreaI-35503 SBGainesvilleTX
Rest AreaI-10692 EBGliddenTX
Rest AreaI-10692 WBGliddenTX
Rest AreaI-2727 NBHale CenterTX
Rest AreaI-2727 SBHale CenterTX
Rest AreaI-10814 EBHankamerTX
Rest AreaI-10817 WBHankamerTX
Rest AreaUS 287HedleyTX
Rest AreaUS 287HedleyTX
Rest AreaI-45123 SBHuntsvilleTX
Rest AreaI-45123 NBHuntsvilleTX
Rest AreaUS 59InezTX
Rest AreaUS 59InezTX
Rest AreaUS 287Iowa ParkTX
Rest AreaUS 287Iowa ParkTX
Rest AreaI-10307 WBIraanTX
Rest AreaI-10307 EBIraanTX
Rest AreaUS 69JacksonvilleTX
Rest AreaI-10514 WBKerrvilleTX
Rest AreaI-10514 EBKerrvilleTX
Rest AreaI-10619 EBKingsburyTX
Rest AreaI-10619 WBKingsburyTX
Rest AreaUS 59Livingston-New WillardTX
Rest AreaUS 59Livingston-New WillardTX
Rest AreaI-40132 WBMcLeanTX
Rest AreaI-30142 WBMount VernonTX
Rest AreaI-30142 EBMount VernonTX
Rest AreaI-35127 NBNataliaTX
Rest AreaI-35127 SBNataliaTX
Rest AreaUS 287QuanahTX
Rest AreaUS 287QuanahTX
Rest AreaI-45218 NBRichlandTX
Rest AreaI-45218 SBRichlandTX
Rest AreaI-35281 NBSaladoTX
Rest AreaI-35282 SBSaladoTX
Rest AreaUS 180/62Salt FlatTX
Rest AreaUS 77SaritaTX
Rest AreaI-1099 EBSierra BlancaTX
Rest AreaI-1099 WBSierra BlancaTX
Rest AreaI-10392 WBSonoraTX
Rest AreaI-10392 EBSonoraTX
Rest AreaUS 277StamfordTX
Rest AreaUS 87Sterling CityTX
Rest AreaUS 290StonewallTX
Rest AreaI-3776 NBThree RiversTX
Rest AreaI-1049 EWBTornilloTX
Rest AreaI-20256 WBTrentTX
Rest AreaI-20257 EBTrentTX
Rest AreaI-20537 WBVanTX
Rest AreaI-10146 WBVan HornTX
Rest AreaI-10146 EBVan HornTX
Rest AreaUS 287VernonTX
Rest AreaUS 83WellingtonTX
Rest AreaI-20200 WBWestbrookTX
Rest AreaI-3783 SBWhitsettTX
Rest AreaI-2070 EBWickettTX
Rest AreaI-2070 WBWickettTX
Rest AreaUS 87Sterling CityTX
Rest AreaTX 6HempsteadTX
Rest AreaUS 84JuiceburgTX
Rest AreaI-20361 WBStrawnTX
Rest AreaI-20352 EBRangerTX
Rest AreaI-35W307 SBItascaTX
Rest AreaI-30CumbyTX
Rest AreaI-101 EBTX
Rest AreaI-10590 EBTX
Rest AreaI-10868 EBTX
Rest AreaI-20390 EBTX
Rest AreaI-20608 EBTX
Rest AreaI-30191 EBTX
Rest AreaI-35179 NBTX
Rest AreaI-35E392 NBTX
Rest AreaI-35WNBTX
Rest AreaUS 287NBTX
Rest AreaI-35179 SBTX
Rest AreaI-35E392 SBTX
Rest AreaI-35WSBTX
Rest AreaUS 62/100TXAreaTX
Rest AreaI-10590 WBTX
Rest AreaI-10868 WBTX
Rest AreaI-20390 WBTX
Rest AreaI-20608 WBTX
Rest AreaI-30191 WBTX
Rest AreaI-20168 EBTX
Rest AreaI-20168 WBTX
Rest AreaI-1730 EBTX
Rest AreaI-10730 WBTX
Rest AreaI-10185 EBTX
Rest AreaI-10279 EBTX
Rest AreaI-10423 EBTX
Rest AreaI-10461 EBTX
Rest AreaI-10497 EBTX
Rest AreaI-10503 EBTX
Rest AreaI-10529 EBTX
Rest AreaI-10657 EBTX
Rest AreaI-10837 EBTX
Rest AreaI-40EBTX
Rest AreaI-40EBTX
Rest AreaI-4013 EBTX
Rest AreaI-4032 EBTX
Rest AreaI-4053 EBTX
Rest AreaI-45105 NBTX
Rest AreaI-45105 SBTX
Rest AreaI-10136 WBTX
Rest AreaI-10185 WBTX
Rest AreaI-10349 WBTX
Rest AreaI-10423 WBTX
Rest AreaI-10459 WBTX
Rest AreaI-10497 WBTX
Rest AreaI-10531 WBTX
Rest AreaI-10657 WBTX
Rest AreaI-10837 WBTX
Rest AreaI-40WBTX
Rest AreaI-40WBTX
Rest AreaI-4013 WBTX
Rest AreaI-4032 WBTX
Rest AreaI-4055 WBTX
Rest AreaI-10879 WBTX

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