Truckers Directory - Rest Areas in California

Name Highway Exit City State
Rest AreaI-837 EBCA
Rest AreaI-80EBCA
Rest AreaI-5SBCA
Rest AreaI-5SBCA
Rest AreaI-80WBCA
Rest AreaI-80WBCA
Rest AreaI-875 EBCA
Rest AreaI-824 WBCA
Rest AreaI-5667 NB/SBCA
Rest AreaI-5NBCA
Rest AreaI-5319 NBAvenalCA
Rest AreaI-5319 SBAvenalCA
Rest AreaI-1092 WBBeaumontCA
Rest AreaI-10222 EWBBlytheCA
Rest AreaCA 58196 EBBoronCA
Rest AreaCA 58194 WBBoronCA
Rest AreaUS 101245 NBBradleyCA
Rest AreaUS 101251 SBBradleyCA
Rest AreaI-28036 NBBurlingameCA
Rest AreaI-5257 NBButtonwillowCA
Rest AreaI-5257 SBButtonwillowCA
Rest AreaI-10159 EBChuckwallaCA
Rest AreaI-80143 EBColfax-SummitCA
Rest AreaI-80143 WBColfax-SummitCA
Rest AreaI-5633 NBCorningCA
Rest AreaI-5633 SBCorningCA
Rest AreaCA 3Douglas CityCA
Rest AreaI-5556 NBDunniganCA
Rest AreaI-5556 SBDunniganCA
Rest AreaI-8108 EBEl CentroCA
Rest AreaI-8108 WBEl CentroCA
Rest AreaI-40106 EBEssexCA
Rest AreaI-40106 WBEssexCA
Rest AreaI-5385 NBFirebaughCA
Rest AreaI-5385 SBFirebaughCA
Rest AreaCA 199GasquetCA
Rest AreaUS 101132 NBGoletaCA
Rest AreaUS 101132 SBGoletaCA
Rest AreaI-5786 NSBHornbrookCA
Rest AreaUS 395IndependenceCA
Rest AreaUS 395InyokernCA
Rest AreaUS 395JanesvilleCA
Rest AreaCA 99109 NSBKingsburgCA
Rest AreaI-5695 NBLakeheadCA
Rest AreaI-5704 SBLakeheadCA
Rest AreaUS 101609 NBLaytonvilleCA
Rest AreaI-5205 NBLebecCA
Rest AreaI-5207 SBLebecCA
Rest AreaI-299Lower TrinityCA
Rest AreaI-10159 WBMeccaCA
Rest AreaUS 395Mono SouthCA
Rest AreaUS 97MontagueCA
Rest AreaCA 299Montgomery CreekCA
Rest AreaI-4028 WBNewberry SpringsCA
Rest AreaI-4028 EBNewberry SpringsCA
Rest AreaI-15217 NBNewberry SpringsCA
Rest AreaI-15217 SBNewberry SpringsCA
Rest AreaI-15270 NBNiptonCA
Rest AreaI-15270 SBNiptonCA
Rest AreaI-562 NBOceansideCA
Rest AreaI-562 SBOceansideCA
Rest AreaCA 44Old StationCA
Rest AreaI-851 EWBPine ValleyCA
Rest AreaCA 70PortolaCA
Rest AreaCA 89/70QuincyCA
Rest AreaUS 395RavendaleCA
Rest AreaI-5656 NBRed BluffCA
Rest AreaI-5657 SBRed BluffCA
Rest AreaI-5531 SBSacramentoCA
Rest AreaCA 41ShandonCA
Rest AreaCA 44ShingletownCA
Rest AreaI-80176 EBSoda SpringsCA
Rest AreaI-80176 WBSoda SpringsCA
Rest AreaUS 101731 SBTrinidadCA
Rest AreaUS 101734 NBTrinidadCA
Rest AreaUS 101TrinidadCA
Rest AreaCA 9980 NBTulareCA
Rest AreaCA 9980 SBTulareCA
Rest AreaCA 99209 NBTurlockCA
Rest AreaCA 99211 SBTurlockCA
Rest AreaI-5441 NBVernalisCA
Rest AreaI-5441 SBVernalisCA
Rest AreaI-5753 NBWeedCA
Rest AreaI-5753 SBWeedCA
Rest AreaCA 36WestwoodCA
Rest AreaI-10113 EBWhite WaterCA
Rest AreaI-10113 WBWhite WaterCA
Rest AreaI-5586 NBWilliamsCA
Rest AreaI-5586 SBWilliamsCA
Rest AreaUS 101WillitsCA
Rest AreaUS 101WillitsCA
Rest AreaI-5607 NBWillowsCA
Rest AreaI-5607 SBWillowsCA
Rest AreaI-8156 EWBWinterhavenCA
Rest AreaI-1085 EBYucaipaCA
Rest AreaCA 190Death ValleyCA

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