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Highway: I-84
Exit: 71
Street Address: 23801 S ORCHARD ACCESS RD
State: ID
Postal Code: 83716
Phone: 208-343-1367 (TRAVEL CENTER)
Fax: 208-343-1999

# of Parking Spots: 150
# of Reserved Parking Spots: 0
# of Paid Parking Spots: 0
# of Fuel Lanes: 8
# of Showers: 4
# of Truck Service Bays: 0

Customer Feedback:
Hello. I feel the need to let you know about two horrible experiences I've had at your establishment. My hope is that you can use what I say as a training tool for your management and waitstaff. Tonight my husband and I, we are truckers, came in for dinner. I was hesitant because my first experience here was not good. On my first experience my steak was ordered medium and came to me overly well done and there was a hair in my potato. When I pointed the hair out to my waitress she basically said, that sucks, and did not offer to replace it or even comp for my dinner, most of which I was unable to eat.

Tonight we came in to give it a second try. Big mistake. I ordered Steak Compuesta, I believe that's what it was called. I had never seen this dish before on a Mexican menu. I pointed it out on my menu. My waitress (even though I pointed to it) thought I said Steak Picadillo (or maybe Picado). When I got my dinner I had no idea that what I ordered wasn't what I got, they were both steak and nothing I had ever ordered before. When I got the bill I pointed out to the waitress that I had ordered an $11.99 entree and was charged $19.99. At this point she said she thought I had ordered Steak Picado. She went to her "manager" , a blonde lady in a Boise state Tshirt, who told her that since I ate it (having NO idea it wasnt what I ordered) I have to pay for it! She wouldn't even come to the table, just told our waitress (who was apologetic) to let us know. The waitress tried again to fix our ticket but this "manager" refused to help her. It was not busy by the way.

My point being, had someone cared at all either of the two times I had a crappy experience either with your food or the entree misunderstanding, my opinion of this place would be MUCH different. I have given you two very poor reviews on Yelp, your webpage, to all my friends on Facebook and all my trucker friends to not patronize your establishment.

I don't know if you will even care after receiving this email but I hope, at the very least, you can give some sort of training to your waitstaff regarding how to properly handle such situations. First time, either comp some money off the dinner I was unable to eat or replace the potato. Tonight I should not have been charged for an entree I didn't order because the waitress placed it incorrectly. Your "Manager" should have came to my table and tried to explain why she felt that since "I ate it, I should pay for it" when I had no idea it was different than what I actually ordered. Had anyone acted like they cared either time my feelings about what happened (twice!) could have been changed. Thank you for listening. Trucker Posted 09-12-2015

Me and my husband have been in here several times and only one time was bad. It was late. The late night cook she was not that good. Food over cooked. But day time WONDERFUL and noon WONDERFUL love the girls they are at sweet and friendly. Can't wait to go back. Ty so much from the state of South Carolina ♡♡♡♡♡ Trucker Posted 09-27-2016


ATM, Convenience Store, Deli, Dump Station, Laundry, Paved Lot, Propane Bottles, Public Fax / Copier, Receive Prepaid Permits, Restaurant, RV Gasoline, RV Parking, Safe Haven / Hazmat, Scales - Certified, Showers, Sinclair, Trailer Drop, Trip Pack Locations, Trucker Store, Truckers Lounge, WIFI

Payment Methods Accepted

American Express, Com Check, Comdata, Debit Cards, Discover, EFS/ FLEET ONE, Fuelman, MasterCard, Multi Service, T-Check, TCH, Visa, Voyager / Wright Express

Additional Services at this Exit

CODE RED TOWING, INC. - 208-899-5654


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