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Highway: US 67
Street Address: 6724 US-67 BUS
State: MO
Postal Code: 63645
Phone: 573-783-3609 (TRAVEL CENTER)
Phone 2: 573-783-3609 (SUBWAY)
Fax: 573-783-2233

# of Parking Spots: 50
# of Reserved Parking Spots: 0
# of Paid Parking Spots: 0
# of Fuel Lanes: 5
# of Showers: 2
# of Truck Service Bays: 0

Customer Feedback:
Let me begin by saying, as the wife of a truck driver there are two things we worry about. Foremost, the possibilities of our spouses having an accident and being killed or hurt and secondly, women at truck stops that prey on married men. That is the reason for my email. In May my husband received a text from Holly Francis at your Cherokee Pass location. This text would turn out to be the beginning of a nightmare for me that, little did I know, had begun over two years before. Without getting anymore drawn out and detailed than I have to, I will explain the situation as i have been told that it happened as briefly as possible but please note. I have screenshots of messages from Holly that will back up everything I have to say. If you should decide you would like to see them, I will oblige. In January of 2016, according to Holly, she had been watching my husband for months and he never spoke to anyone, therefore she had to approach him. They built a friendship then she started pretending to leave work but would drive around the back and have sex with and stay the night (sometimes) with my husband. She would also drive to other truck stops nearby to stay with him. This went on until around July when one of them broke it off. ( They each say they are the one that ended it) Regardless, it ended. Jump to May 8th, 2018 when he got a text from her. He of course pretended it was the wrong number but I could tell it wasn't. My daughter was there when the text came and she got the number and texted Holly to find out what was going on. She told my daughter how she still told my husband every night how much she loved him and missed him and how he never really left her even though she had not seen him in well over a year. She sent her a picture of my husbands company shirt proving that she had the right person and also stated she has lots of drivers shirts.This was very upsetting to my daughter. A few days later I decided to reach out to her to see if she would talk to me. She did! (Giving me lots of info I can use in court.If it goes to court.) These are the messages I have. According to my Attorney, she will be subpoenaed to testify if we end up in court. When I told her that, she told me I needed to get over it and quit making people's lives miserable. She asked me to "lose her phone number ". Requesting that I don't contact her anymore. I obliged. My husband and I are still getting blocked phone calls as recent as last week and they are one minute apart. ( He will get the blocked call and as soon as it stops ringing or we answer and hang up, I will get the same blocked call Therefore, even though I can not prove it, I believe with my whole heart that she is still "aggravating" us. It appeared all she was trying to accomplish by texting over a year after they had stopped seeing each other, was to cause us problems. And she succeeded.
I do not know your company policies on this type of thing. Don't even know if you care. But thought it would be fair to let you know. When she spoke to my daughter she spoke of another man named Matt that she had to speak to his wife too. No telling how many there are. I hope no other wife has to go through the hell I have been through in the past month at the hands of Holly. Yes, my husband is to blame as well. But Holly used her employment to meet, build a relationship with, and have an affair with a married man. Probably multiple men. Please let me know if you would like to see the text. Posted 06-25-2018


24 Hour Diesel, ATM, Bulk Def, Business Checks, Convenience Store, Deli, Document Scanning, Fast Food, Laundry, Money Orders, Paved Lot, Propane Bottles, Public Fax / Copier, Red Diesel, RV Gasoline, RV Parking, Showers, Trailer Drop, Trucker Store, Truckers Lounge, WIFI

Payment Methods Accepted

American Express, Com Check, Comdata, Debit Cards, Discover, EFS/ FLEET ONE, MasterCard, Multi Service, T-Check, TCH, Visa, Voyager / Wright Express

Fast Food


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