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Highway: I-5 NB
Mile Marker: MM 67
State: CA
Phone: 760-430-7700

Parking: There is a rest area approx. 7 miles south of the scale (2 miles south of exit 62 at mm 59.5). It has quite a few parking spots but the spots are small. When the rest area gets full, it can be difficult to get in or out of a spot. There are various places you can park both north and south of the scale, but actually designated truck parking and truck stops are limited. The next actual truck stops going north bound are in Ontario where I 10 and I 15 junction.
Coming out of San Diego, you will be able to pull into the rest area if you need to check your paperwork and make sure you have everything in order. Or you may consider pulling off on a ramp somewhere to do the same. Other than that, you won’t have anywhere to stop before you get to the Oceanside scale.
The Oceanside weigh station in adjacent to an immigration check point. The immigration check is not always open, but when it is, all car traffic must stop for immigration officials. Truckers in the weigh station don’t need to stop aside from scale officials directing you to do so. On occasion, the truck scale will be closed and the immigration check point will be open. If that is the case, truckers are to stay out of the scale lane. If they open the scale while you are in the lines for the immigration officials, you may loose time by staying out of the scale lane. But if you have already passed the “scales closed” sign, it may be in your best interest to loose the time, wait in the immigration line, and avoid the weighing and inspections at the weigh station.
There often seem to be more border patrol cars that California Highway Patrol cruisers. But the cruisers are in there- and they do inspections on both paperwork and vehicles at this location. You’ll want to be sure your equipment is in good shape.
South of the San Onofre weigh station, you will see yellow warning signs indicating that there may be families running across the road. These are official DOT signs and they show the outlines of a family of four running! No where else but California!
The weigh station is located alongside Joseph H. Pendleton Marine Corps Base. If you pull of somewhere south of the truck scales, you can watch the troops practicing maneuvers. Keep your eyes open for helicopters and military vessels. But keep your eyes on the road, too.
The military will practice helicopter maneuvering and do mock beach assaults. You will see some type of military activity in the area almost every time you pass through here.
San Onofre and San Clemente state beaches are nearby. There is a lot of surfing in the area, but San Onofre State Beach has another attraction- it’s a nude beach. You won’t get an eyeful if you’re driving by on the freeway, however, and they don’t have any truck parking.
For anyone who has a porta potty on the truck, the rest area just south of the truck scale has an rv dump station. The dump is very convenient and you can pull your truck up into the sanitation area to do the job.

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