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Highway: I-5 SB
Mile Marker: MM 216
State: CA
Phone: 661-858-2540

Parking: Exit 219 has a TA and a Petro north of the truck scale. There is a rest area at call box 5-13 and exit 205 has a Flying J truck stop south of the scale.
This truck scale never closes it seems- if you see it closed, take a picture to commemorate the event. The weigh station also has a very active inspection bay.
There are two truck stops and a lot of truck parking at the exit just north of the truck scale, so there is no excuse for crossing the scale with any logbook or safety violations. Both the Petro truck stop and the T.A. travelcenter have truck repair and tire shops.
There are plenty of truck services. There is even a Starbucks coffee just across the street from the Petro within walking distance. There is a Blue Beacon truck wash, as well. If you are out of hours, you should be able to find parking. Even if things are full, there is usually room at the Petro for some “creative” parking.
If you can’t find parking at the truck stops, you can park at the Wheeler Ridge weigh station. Officers there say they would rather that tired truckers park and sleep than drive tired. They won’t bother a trucker who is sleeping.
Be aware of high wind potential in the area. We have seen trucks blown over as they were pulling into the Petro parking lot. California will shut traffic down on the Grapevine if the winds are strong enough.
The Grapevine weigh station sits just at the bottom of the so-called Grapevine hill on the north side. When you leave the scale, you’ll be starting up the grade in no time. Trucks are restricted to the right two lanes on the Grapevine, and if you pull out into the third lane to pass slower trucks, you’ll have people yelling at you on the radio. For good reason, too. The fine is hefty- though I think they mainly yell at you because they are jealous of the rate your truck is pulling the hill!
If your paperwork is in order and your truck is inspection-proof, we suggest heading up the Grapevine and parking at the Flying J in Gorman/Lebec. The temperature tends to be cooler up there.
Alternate Route Information
You can avoid this scale by driving south on 101 from the bay area (be aware of the truck scales in Gilroy) Or you can cut over to 101- recommend out of the Kettleman City area that you take 41 south to 46 west to 101 south. Or out of Bakersfield you can go east on 58 (there is a scale just east of Bakersfield but it is often closed- see info on the Keene scale) to Mojave and take 14 south into the LA area.

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