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Highway: I-10 EB WB
Mile Marker: MM 74
State: MS

Parking: There is a TA travel center at exit 4 in Alabama east of the truck scale. There is a Cone Auto/Truck Plaza at exit 69 west of the scale and there is a Flying J truck stop and a Loves travel center at exit 31 west of the Pascagoula weigh station.
Alternate Route Information
Take exit 69 for route 63 and vere to the right off the ramp onto 63 south. There is a Cone Auto/Truck Plaza on your right. Continue south for 3.8 miles through several lights until you come to route 90. You will see signs “junction route 90″ one light before you actually get to route 90. The light for route 90 is just before a large rail road crossing- if you cross the rail road you have gone too far. Turn left onto route 90. You will be on route 90 for 7.2 miles. You will pass an 84 Lumber on the left shortly after you turn onto route 90 east. You will turn left onto Franklin Creek Road. There is little or no warning for Franklin Creek Road other than a sign saying “to I 10.” Turn left on Franklin Creek Road. You will come right away to the ramp for I 10 east bound which puts you out at exit 75 in Mississippi. If you miss the Franklin Creek Road turn off, continue straight. Just past the Franklin Creek Road turn off, you will see the “old scale” on the left- it is no longer in use. But, just past the old scale, you can see the west bound weigh station that is on I 10 to your left. You keep going into the town of Grand Bay. You’ll come to the first light for route 188. Turn left there- it is marked “to I 10.” There is a Walgreens on the north west corner of the intersection. You’ll pass Advance Auto on your right, Food Tiger grocery on your left and CVS pharmacy on your right. You’ll be on route 188 for 1.4 miles until you come to the ramp for I 10 east at exit 4 in Alabama. - EB
Alternate Route Information
The I 10 weigh station can see you pass by on the alternate route with this routing.
Take exit 4 in Alabama for route 188 south and turn left. Go 1.4 miles south into the town of Grand Bay. You’ll pass CVS Pharmacy on your left, Food Tiger grocery on your right and Advance Auto on your left. You’ll come to a light at route 90. There is a Walgreens on the north west corner of the intersection. Turn right onto route 90 west. You’ll go a total of 5.4 miles on route 90, crossing into Mississippi until you come to Franklin Creek Road. Once you cross the border inot Mississippi, you will be able to see the Mississippi I 10 weigh station to your right from route 90. They can see you, too. Then you will see the OLD SCALE as locals refer to it and you will take the next road to the right. This is Franklin Creek Road. It is poorly marked but there is a sign “to I 10.” Turn right and go up to the ramp for west bound I 10. This will put you out at exit 75, Franklin Creek Road. THIS ROUTING DOES NOT WORK FOR THE EAST BOUND SCALE.
If you miss the turn off for Franklin Creek Road, continue straight into Pascagoula. You’ll pass an 84 Lumber on your right shortly before you get to the light for route 63 in Pascagoula. Turn right onto route 63 and go 3.9 miles up to the ramp for I 10 west. You’ll pass a Cone Auto/Truck on your left before you get to I 10. - WB

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