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Highway: I-75 SB
Mile Marker: MM 162
State: OH
Phone: 419-425-3703

Parking: There is a Pilot at exit 164 and a Petro at exit 167 north of the Hancock County weigh station. There is a Flying J and a Pilot at exit 135 south of the scale.
Alternate Route Information
The short route is easy but there is a 1/2 mile stretch that is clearly marked “no trucks.” To take the short route, take exit 164 for route 613. Turn left off the ramp and go .6 miles to the stop sign in the town of Van Buren. Turn right at the stop sign onto Main- you are now on the .6 miles marked as “no trucks.” You’ll be on this road for 3.5 miles (the first .6 miles of which is a non-trucking route). You will pass a large Whirlpool plant on your left. When you get to the light for Hancock 99 (Co Rd 99) turn right- you’ll know you’re there when you see a Ford used cars dealer on the corner on your right. Turn right and go .6 miles back to the ramp for I 75 south.
If you prefer to avoid “no trucks” areas, take the same exit- exit 164 for route 613. Turn right off the exit (go past the Pilot), heading on route 613 west. In 3.7 miles you will come to a stop sign, turn left, still following route 613. In .6 miles you will turn right, still following route 613, but there is no stop sign- just a small sign marking route 613. In 3 miles, you will come to a stop sign in the town of McComb. Turn left, you are now following route 235. There is a railroad crossing shortly after this left turn and the tracks are raised- low boy trailers and open car carriers may have difficulty clearing it. 1 mile after making the left turn in McComb, you will turn right, still following route 235. Again, there is no stop sign- just signs for route 235. And in .4 miles you will turn left, still following route 235, still no stop sign. You will come to a stop sign in 3 miles where you will go straight, crossing over route 224. In 3.3 miles you will come to a dead end with a stop sign. You will turn right, still following route 235. In .2 miles, you will come to an S curve- left then right. In 2 miles, you will make a left turn to continue following route 235- if you stayed straight you would be on route 12. Take a breath- that is the last turn before you hit the freeway in 6.1 miles! On this last stretch you will pass by what looks like a weigh station- but it is the weigh scale for loading at the Blanchard Valley Co-Op. You will go through one more stop sign and then you will be coming up on I 75 south again. When you get back to I 75, the ramp will be right turn. In total- this is a 23 mile bypass (but you will be coming out at exit 145, about 20 miles south of exit 164).

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