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Highway: I-94/US 41 NB
State: WI
Phone: 262-857-7360
Fax: 262-857-3773

Parking: There are a TA Travel Center and a Toors Truck Stop at exit 1 in Illinois, Russell Road, before the Kenosha weigh station. There is a rest area off exit 347 north of the truck scale.
Alternate Route Information
DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BYPASS THIS SCALE ON OLD ROUTE 41 ON THE WEST SIDE OF THE FREEWAY. There is a sign 1 mile north of the TA Travel Center for the weigh station and you are required to turn on the freeway overpass on route ML to cross the weigh station if it’s open.
If you are coming off I 94 in Illinois, take exit 1 for Russell Road. Turn right off the exit. You’ll go down 1.8 miles to the flashing yellow light at route 37 which is also Kilbourne Road and route H. It is the first major intersection you’ll come to. Turn left on Kilbourne. Kilbourne goes through a very industrial area with large warehouses for Audi/VW, ULINE and Yamaha. You’ll take Kilbourne up a few miles to the all way stop at route 165 which is also 104th street. Turn left and go 2.1 miles to the ramp for west bound I 94.
If you’re coming up route 41 in Illinois you can still take exit 1 for Russell Road (I 94 and route 41 merge shortly before the exit). But if you want to avoid the route 41 Illinois scale as well, take a right turn at the light just before the weigh station onto Wadsworth Road which is also route A9. There is a Mobil gas station on the south east corner of the intersection, a McDonalds on the north east corner and a Citgo on the north west corner. There is a sign shortly after the right turn on Wadsworth that says “Class 11 truck route next 1/2 mile.” You’ll go up 1.2 miles to a left turn on Kilbourne Road which is also route W26. There are no “no trucks” signs on this stretch of Wadsworth Road and no marked limitations. Before you get to Kilbourne Road you will pass a sign for a post office just past the rail road tracks. Kilbourne road is NOT at a light and it is NOT marked well. You’ll need to look for it carefully to make your turn. .7 miles after you turn onto Kilbourne, you’ll see a sign that says “begin class 11 truck route,” but there are no “no trucks” signs prior to that and no other marked limitations. You’ll be on Kilbourne a total of about 6.5 miles- do not turn onto Russell Road/route A1. Continue straight until you cross through the industrial area and come to the all way stop at 104th street (also route 165). Turn left there and go 2.1 miles to the ramp for west bound I 94.

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